Saturday, January 28, 2012

33. Pioneer Stereo Preamplifier SPEC-1 from 1975 to 1980

 Back in 1975 this fantastic piece of equipment actually cost $500! In 2011 dollars, thats over $2000! It was built with the best parts available to compete with Preamps that cost far more. This is a real workhorse, whether in the home or studio. It's still a fine preamp today. A collectable? Sure, but I am using mine everyday. Not because it's got a cool vintage chic, but because it is a quality component. True high quality always wins. Over 30 years later, they still sell for $500... used. Here's a picture of mine:

32. Marantz Model 125 Stereophonic Tuner from 1976

This is one of the best solid state tuners ever made! It sounds as good as it looks.
Back in 1976 this sweet tuner retailed for $339.95. In 2011 dollars, that would be a little over $1300. Wow! Now that's an expensive radio! Here's a picture of mine:

Saturday, January 21, 2012

31. Pioneer SX-1250 Monster Receiver From 1976

I had the power filter capacitors replaced on this brute, They are the size of beer cans!
Replaced the caps on the power board as well. At 165 watts per channel, this thing is STRONG! Heavy too! About 65 pounds.  They don't build them like this anymore. Great sound, incredible build quality. This is one of the best receivers ever made. Here's a picture of mine: