Tuesday, December 18, 2012

40. Sansui 9090DB Receiver from 1975

Beautiful and highly sought after, this heavy beast (52 pounds) is capable of 125 watts per channel. The two phono inputs sure makes for icing on the cake. Having a midrange control to go along with bass and treble is really cool. This is common with Marantz, but it's nice to see that other manufacturers did it too. I wanted to restore it, but had to sell it. Maybe one day I'll come across another one of these and keep it to rattle my garage. Here's a picture of my departed 9090db:

Sunday, November 11, 2012

39. Thorens TD-165 Belt Drive Turntable 1972 to 1976

This is a nice entry level table for Thorens, which can get kind of pricey. I use it every day. I currently have an old Empire 2000 E/III on it. The Empire is a bit brighter sounding than the Shure that's on my Thorens TD-126. I'll be able to alternate between the two tables based on what records I'm playing because the McIntosh I'm using has two  phono inputs. I really like the Thorens stuff I've been able to play with so far. Here's a picture of my TD-165 giving Death Cab For Cutie's Transatlanticism a spin:

38. Thorens TD-126 MKII Belt Drive Turntable From 1976 to 1977

This is my main turntable. I have a Shure M97xe mounted on it right now.
So far, this has been my favorite table. The build quality is amazing. I've had it modified by Bill Ennis, gold plated jacks and such. Very nice. Germans make great turntables.

37a. 1961 JVC Delmonico 1225U Stereophonic AM/FM Phono

When I got this thing it was dead. Big Bill From AudioKarma brought it back to life. It's not a total restoration, but it's totally functioning! It took him hours to get the turntable working and the tuning section back to life. Testing the tubes and replacing the bad ones, this thing is working like a gem now! There are four speakers in it. Two in the front and one on each side hidden by a wooden flap. On the left side you can see the outline of the flap that hides the speaker. By opening the flap a certain amount, you can direct the sound a bit. Very cool! I gave it to my mother. She is having a ball listening to her Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Ray Conniff records. This Delmonico is just what she wanted. She was a teenager when this was new, so it's great for her. Thanks Bill!!!

37b. The 1961 JVC Delmonico 1225U

37c. Another View of The 1961 JVC Delmonico 1225U

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

36. McIntosh MA-6100 Integrated Amplifier From The 1970's

70 watts per channel
Just picked it up tonight! Cleaning the pots and hooking it up. Can't wait to give it a good cranking! I'll post more info latter. Here's a pic:

This thing sounds great! I took it apart and changed some bulbs. I cleaned all the potentiometers. Hooked it up to my recapped JBL 4311 speakers and it sounds wonderful. I can't overstate the INCREDIBLE built quality!! Seriously. These things are built to last. As small as it is, it's very heavy. This is just amazing craftsmanship. To think, this is a "low end" McIntosh. Makes me wonder what the "high end" ones are like.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

35. McIntosh Mac 4200 AM/FM Receiver From 1985

You'd have to hear it and see it to really get how wonderful it is.

75 Watts into 8 ohms
100 Watts into 4 ohms
.02% Total Harmonic Distortion
5 Band Equalizer
Solid wood sides
40 pounds
The build quality is just stunning!
It sold for $2890 in 1985 - 1987.
In 2012 dollars, thats about $6000!
Here's a picture of mine:

Friday, March 2, 2012

34. Harman / Kardon Citation Sixteen 16 Amplifier 1974?

I believe that this is a 1974 model.
It blasts at least 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms.
Made in the U.S.A.
I'm loving it!
I use it with a Pioneer SPEC 1 Preamp and a pair of Pioneer HPM 100 speakers.

I just got it back from Bill AKA "Turntable Daddy". He did a recap on it.
If you're in the Charlotte NC area, he does great work.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

33. Pioneer Stereo Preamplifier SPEC-1 from 1975 to 1980

 Back in 1975 this fantastic piece of equipment actually cost $500! In 2011 dollars, thats over $2000! It was built with the best parts available to compete with Preamps that cost far more. This is a real workhorse, whether in the home or studio. It's still a fine preamp today. A collectable? Sure, but I am using mine everyday. Not because it's got a cool vintage chic, but because it is a quality component. True high quality always wins. Over 30 years later, they still sell for $500... used. Here's a picture of mine:

32. Marantz Model 125 Stereophonic Tuner from 1976

This is one of the best solid state tuners ever made! It sounds as good as it looks.
Back in 1976 this sweet tuner retailed for $339.95. In 2011 dollars, that would be a little over $1300. Wow! Now that's an expensive radio! Here's a picture of mine:

Saturday, January 21, 2012

31. Pioneer SX-1250 Monster Receiver From 1976

I had the power filter capacitors replaced on this brute, They are the size of beer cans!
Replaced the caps on the power board as well. At 165 watts per channel, this thing is STRONG! Heavy too! About 65 pounds.  They don't build them like this anymore. Great sound, incredible build quality. This is one of the best receivers ever made. Here's a picture of mine: