Sunday, November 11, 2012

37a. 1961 JVC Delmonico 1225U Stereophonic AM/FM Phono

When I got this thing it was dead. Big Bill From AudioKarma brought it back to life. It's not a total restoration, but it's totally functioning! It took him hours to get the turntable working and the tuning section back to life. Testing the tubes and replacing the bad ones, this thing is working like a gem now! There are four speakers in it. Two in the front and one on each side hidden by a wooden flap. On the left side you can see the outline of the flap that hides the speaker. By opening the flap a certain amount, you can direct the sound a bit. Very cool! I gave it to my mother. She is having a ball listening to her Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Ray Conniff records. This Delmonico is just what she wanted. She was a teenager when this was new, so it's great for her. Thanks Bill!!!

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  1. There is one of these Systems in our local antique store for a hundred bucks but it will need a new needle. Is it possible to buy these old needles? Thanks