Monday, November 22, 2010

23. Yet Another Pioneer PL-71 Falls Into My Hands!

I paid $100 for it. It has no dust cover or cartridge or stylus. Still, not bad considering the condition it's in.

Friday, November 12, 2010

22. Kenwood KA-6100 Integrated Amplifier and KT-6500 Tuner From 1978

First the integrated amp. The KA-6100 features 50 watts per channel and a THD of .03%. Twin power meters and dual power supplies. A nice amp! I used it for a few months and sold it. This is a great example of a quality amp that isn't super popular, so it's available for under $50.

The KT-6500 Tuner is as good a tuner as I've ever used. It is wonderful. Pulls stations in so clearly! I actually didn't even hook up the antenna for a week after I picked it up. I'm not kidding. It's a great tuner.

21. Technics SA-5270 Receiver From 1977

This line of Technics (Panasonic) receivers are just plain beautiful! I swear the light just glows on these. I've had a couple of them and they feature a good tuner section and above average looks, great fit and finish. The series includes: 5770, 5570, 5470, 5370, 5270, 5170 and 5070. The 5270 was on the lower end. It featured 35 watts per channel and a total harmonic distortion of .3%. It retailed for about $280 back in 1977, which in today's dollars is roughly $1000! You can get one for under $50.00 easily.

Monday, November 8, 2010

20. Pioneer SX-1280 Monster Receiver from 1978

I am in a great mood! I recently picked up this badass and hooked it up in my main rack. It replaces my Elite Receiver. I cleaned all the potentiometers and removed the years of cigarette smoke residue off of it. Dear God does it sing! A minimum of 185 watts per channel and a maximum total harmonic distortion of .03%. Back in 1978 this freak of Japan cost $900 and in 1979 it was raised to $950. What does that translate to in 2010 dollars? about $3000. They don't make them like this anymore. It weighs in at under 70 pounds.  Very loud and very clean. This is not only the best piece of equipment I now own, but the best I've ever owned. Not for value, but for performance.