Monday, November 8, 2010

20. Pioneer SX-1280 Monster Receiver from 1978

I am in a great mood! I recently picked up this badass and hooked it up in my main rack. It replaces my Elite Receiver. I cleaned all the potentiometers and removed the years of cigarette smoke residue off of it. Dear God does it sing! A minimum of 185 watts per channel and a maximum total harmonic distortion of .03%. Back in 1978 this freak of Japan cost $900 and in 1979 it was raised to $950. What does that translate to in 2010 dollars? about $3000. They don't make them like this anymore. It weighs in at under 70 pounds.  Very loud and very clean. This is not only the best piece of equipment I now own, but the best I've ever owned. Not for value, but for performance.


  1. I own one of these SX1280's too. I Bought it brand new back in 1979 and it still works great and it is very loud, it's a wonder I can still hear after all these years. I've kept mine in very good shape and had covered it since new when not in use, it looks hardly used.

  2. Jim, when I got mine it was missing several knobs and levers. It was FILTHY! It took about 5 hours to clean. Th guy who had it before me thought it was a good idea to wrap the fuses in aluminum foil. No, I'm not joking. Surprisingly, under the cigarette smoke residue, the wood case was in good shape. Mine is hooked up yo two HPM-100s for A in the front and two HPM-40's for B in the back. It really sings! Thanks for your comment Jim!

  3. HiRon,do you know where i can find a model sx-1250 (mint condition)or a sx-1980,exept on ebay thanks

    1. I have a SX-1280 in Louisville, Ky.
      am now near 60 years old and bought it new 35 years ago....
      perfect shape.


  4. Ron,
    Your SX-1280 looks nice. I have one that I reconditioned, and hooked it up to a pair of Vintage Electro-Voice Eliminator 1's that I also reconditioned. It sounds very impressive with the SR)15 Woofers, and the 3 Horns loaded in the top.
    I also have at least 1 of each of the following, also personally reconditioned.
    SX-850, SX-880, SX-950, SX-980, SX-1010, SX-1050, SX-1080, SX-1250, SX-1280, SX-3700, SX-3900, SX-D5000, SX-D7000. (The 3700 and 3900 are not yet done. In addition I have the following Quads, reconditioned as the others by me. QX-747, QX-949 (with the radar scope), QX-9900 (with built in reverb amp). Sansui's are 5000A, 5000X, 8080DB, 9090DB,and quads QRX6001, QRX7001.

  5. I own a pioneer sx 1280 & yes its a great receiver. At 185 watts is more than enough power to rock your world.Its in mint shape and I have mine hooked up to a adc sound shaper 3
    all the filtering of clean power and protection goes through an APC 10. Thorens 166 mk2 to spin vinyl and 18l speakers.