Monday, April 29, 2013

44. Vintage 1965 Thorens TD-150 Turntable with Rega RB300 Tone Arm (1984)

I just got it back from Bill at Ennis Audio. The Thorens TD-150 is truly a sleeping giant. The original AR suspension turntable was such a great and simple design that the good people at Thorens couldn't help buy rip it off and creat the TD-150. Six or seven years later Linn Sondek would totally rip the TD-150 off and make the LP12. Rather than drop a grand on the LP12, I think I'll stick with the TD-150 and an improved arm with a few mods and not be able to hear the difference. I'll take the money I saved and buy some vinyl. The old TP-13a tone arm has gone and been replaced by a Rega RB300. More base, nice and clear, an improvement! I am using an Ortofon FF 15 XE MKII and couldn't be happier. I'll post more info later, but for now, here's a picture of my "new" main table giving the Crow's August and Everything After a spin:

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  1. Hi,

    I searched for turntable setup in Charlotte and found your blog. I am wondering if Ennis audio still opens? Or do you know anyone in Charlotte that would work on turntable? Thanks.