Sunday, November 8, 2015

60. McIntosh Mac 1700 Receiver from 1968 to 1973

This is an unusual receiver. It combines solid state and tubes. The amplifier and pre-amplifier are solid state, the tuner is tube. The tuning section is nice! Mine has no problems pulling local stations in clearly. It's potentiometers were dirty, but cleaning the controls was easy. Everything is laid out in such a simple way. It's hard to believe that this over 40 year old receiver is still functioning so well. All the lights still work too. Truly, they just don't build them like this anymore. I'm keeping this one. It's too cool to just let go.

The 40 watts per channel are more than enough to drive my JBL 4311 desktop studio monitors.

It retailed for $599 back in 1973. That's about $3200 in 2015 dollars. It was a great piece of stereo equipment back then and it still is now. Here's a picture of mine:

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