Saturday, October 23, 2010

18. Pioneer CS-911A Speakers from 1975?

Not sure of the year on these or the cost, sorry.
Okey dokey then!
These monsters weighed in at 50 pounds each.
They could handle 150 watts.
These 8 ohm, 4-way badboys featured six speakers in each cabinet.
I wonder if they were trying to challenge Sansui to see who could jam the most drivers in a cab!
Anyhow, we have here a 15 inch woofer, 2 four inch mids, 1 three inch tweeter and 2 two inch super tweeters in each cab!
Mid range and high range adjustments help turn up or down the brightness till it's just right for that Led Zeppelin revival that you know you're going to fall into the next time Grey Goose is on sale.

I had this pair for about a year before I traded them to a buddy for I don't remember what.
I do remember that they could take one hell of a pounding!
Rock on!


  1. Hi! how much is the speaker? watts? i do have pioneer A-12OD 300watts and im looking for speaker that fit for my amp. can u help me?

  2. I am interested in buying a set of CS911a Speaker, must be in good condition like the one in the picture.
    Please contact me ( )

    Best Regards

  3. I use to own a set of these speaker and I do miss them, there sound is just great!!!!

  4. I just got a pair of these from a friend. And I also have a new (used) copy of Led Zepellin IV I'm planning to use to test them out. No Grey Goose required.

  5. I'm looking for a set of 911 a's. Streetglide48 @ yahoo. . Com

  6. i had these speakers --sx1010 --teac reel --dual 1229 t/t --pioneer dual cassette while stationed in germany in the 1975-- i had to ship them to the states or loose them to the c0--blasted the town for 8hrs solid--they are such great sounding speakers --crisp and totally clear--thumbs up

  7. I have a set of these CS-911A Speakers and the original boxes they came in. The Foam Grills fell apart quite a while back but still have the grill frames and they can be recovered with cloth or maybe even foam again I am sure. When I bought them at the Base Exchange they originally cost $350.00. I bought a set of speaker stands to hold them off the floor I am interested in selling them. My contact is

  8. I have a pair of these left from a recent sale. If somebody near coastal NC/SC is interested, I'm selling the pair for 250. Sound is amazing. No foam faceplates, otherwise solid condition.

  9. I have a pair of these, they are awesome speakers. Faceplates on mine are still in great shape. How much would they be worth?

  10. I have owned a pair of these in 1974. My buddy was in the Navy and bought them in Japan. Originally for $99.00 each. They were absolutely the best speakers I have ever owned!

    1. I have 4 pioneer speakers 9118 from Japan and yes the best speakers I've ever owned I have lots speakers none hold a candle to this

  11. Elrond Hunter, January 13, 2017 at 9:44 PM
    my system in living room; Marantz 2325+ Teac X2000r RtR, Otari B3-2, Speakers,, Pioneer HPM 100.. 200 watts, the only speakers that were able to hang out with the HPM's Pioneer CS 911A's ... I tried a pair of AR 2's ,,, Ohm c3,, the 9/11, Rock