Monday, May 11, 2015

57. Denon POA-1500 Amplifier & Denon PRA 1000 Pre Amplifier from 1983

The Denon POA-1500. Big glowing meters and 150 watts per channel. What's not to love?
Well, the glass keeps coming loose. Outside of that, you can run two pair of speakers, that's nice!
Back in 1983 the POA-1500 would run you $695, that's over $1600 today.

The Denon PRA-100 is a nice preamp. In 1983 it cost $495, which is almost $1200 today. This kind of gives you an idea of the quality of these components. I've been listening to them for a month now just about everyday. The speakers I've used include JBL L96, JBL L100, Infinity Kappa 7 and as of yesterday, JBL L112.

No complaints. This is just really good equipment. If you can snag this pair in good condition for less than $500, do it. They are over 30 years old, so you mileage may vary. All I did with mine was clean the pots in the pre. That's it. Heres a pic: (sorry for the reflection of my marine aquarium on the meters).

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