Monday, May 11, 2015

58. Pioneer SX-950 Stereo Receiver from 1976

Strong receiver! 85 Watts per channel, connections for 3 sets of speakers. I used it for about a year and recently flipped it for $400. When it was new in 1976 it was about $600, which is around $2500 today. These are very popular receivers. The only two above it were the SX-1050 (120 WPC) and the SX-1250 (165 WPC). When you consider the features versus the price on these big three, the SX-950 was a bargain at $600. The SX-1050 would set you back $750, which todays is $3100, the SX-1250 cost $950 which today is a whopping $3900. Sure the SX-1250 had twice the WPC of the SX-950, but not twice the features or twice the sound quality. I've owned both. At a normal listening level, I don't think I could tell the difference. here's a look at my old SX-950:

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  1. Hi I have the SX950 since 1976 and now only speaker B section is working,I hope that dosen't quit any time soon, do you have any Idea why the other two would quit? I love this reciever and the sound is gorgeous,I have two big sansui speakers hooked up to it plus two tape decks,one cd player,one mini disc player and a mic mixer so ican sing and record myself on to tape and the other one for play back of my singing...Any Ideas would help thanks Diane.